Quantum spin-valley and exciton physics in vdW 2D materials 

Our group is interested in quantum-optical manipulation of spin, valley, and exciton in van der Waals (vdW) two-dimensional (2D) materials.  Using scanning microscopy systems combined with ultrafast lasers, we can perform spatially-resolved (~ 1 µm) and temporally-resolved (~ 100 fs) photoresponse in these materials. Recent works include optoelectronic manipulation of valley-locked spin-photocurrents [1] and exciton dynamics in 2D TMDs (transition metal dichalcogenides) vdW materials [2-4].

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Quantum spintronics and plasmonics

We explore femtosecond laser-controlled spintronic and plasmonic applications using topological insulators or plasmonic metamaterials. Injection of the time-delayed optical pulses selectively excite the spin-polarized electrons, and thus may lead us to develop new optically-controlled ultrafast spintronic devices. Emphasis is made on the electrical and optical manipulation of spin and plasmon by integrating two or more dissimilar materials [1-4].

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